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Thread: People won't stop crying out for Warrior PVP nerfs until they are irrelevant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Columbian View Post
    Or an equaly geared Mage, healing cleric... Rogues a gamble depending on their spec.

    Everyday is a new post of low ranked people crying about high ranked people killing them, and its getting old.

    RANK UP, L2P, or QUIT, but ffs stop crying nerf this, nerf that everytime you die.

    The best part is, there are more Nerf warrior threads now then ever, and we just took a -30%+ damage nerf in PvP and nobody cried this much before the nerf when we hit much, much harder.
    He gets it.

    I wasn't about to provide a spreadsheet showing how my particular spec stacks up against each and every other spec of each calling. Suffice it to say, there are Rogues, Mages, Clerics, and yes, even some fellow Warriors who can beat me 1v1 in equal gear. Every one of those callings who have beat me 1v1 knew HOW to spec appropriately and which tools to use to beat me. It was truly amazing how easy some of them made it look too, which isn't to say I suck as much as it is to say they were competent players.

    Other variables aside (such as gear, team composition and organization), crying to Trion to nerf other callings down to your level of play isn't going to make you a better player anymore than it would make your own calling more viable - for the most part, you control that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auchter View Post
    What we want is balance.

    What we have are overpowered warriors.
    nope what we have are GOD mode OP clerics
    broken exploitable rogues
    super tough mages with high DPS

    and your warriors that keep getting nerfed because of the players that play the other 3 class's unable to play there class's properly. and with those other 3 class's have some realy nice buffage makeing the warrior seem OP when there as gimped as a bruised banana.

    learn to play your class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Columbian View Post
    You dont want to L2kite and purge a warriors buffs, that is you failing RIFT, not a class being OP.

    Heres a few ideas for you, let me teach you a little bit your class. Eradicate the Warrior,
    So you're saying the only viable rogue spec is 51 MM? I'm glad I play a class that is so versatile.

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    Marksman rogues can kill riftblade warriors. Shield or no shield. Even if they block a ton and take sh#t for damage, the rogue wins if he knows how to play. A well played mm rogue can do a significant amount of damage from 35m away, and never get caught if they stay back and go for whoever is closest on the enemy team.

    My rogue easily out damages my warrior with a fraction of the deaths and heals. Does he win in killing blows, apply LW, get into the middle of the crowd and start swinging? No, but to say a ranged rogue is any less significant than a warrior is seriously underestimating them.

    To be honest it's probably more ranged rogues than any other class who assist the warriors in burning people down.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sweet View Post
    We’re generally happy with the current state of Warriors and are continuing to monitor a number of smaller issues involving them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auchter View Post
    What we want is balance.

    What we have are overpowered warriors.
    Are you not aware that para has been nerfed into the ground? Just trolling?
    Warriors are left with riftblade which has
    Less burst than mages (but on par for sustained damage)
    Less sustained damage than a rogue (but on par for burst)
    Reasonable CC
    A healing debuff
    The aoe fear (which is their only real survivability tool, if used properly it's a survival skill for use in oh **** moments)

    Riftblade is on par with the other classes in terms of ability and usefulness. The biggest down side is that you have be in melee and have really no form of self healing.
    The only problem with warriors atm is that they are pigeon holed into one of two or three decent damage specs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mournblood View Post
    As I've said before, and will maintain again here, most of the QQ about Warriors is unwarranted and coming from players who either fail to realize other factors that are contributing to that (such as gear differences, good focus fire by the opposing team, lack of healers on your own team, etc.), or how to properly counter some of the more common specs.
    An overpowered class or spec will exacerbate gear disparity. If a P8 with a moderate or underpowered spec can roll undergeared folks, a P8 running some OP role will be that much worse. Warriors attract so much QQ because a lot of their abilities (reactives, damage mods) are effectively force multipliers for their gear. As a warrior, you can typically apply the full force of your gear more rapidly and reliably than any other calling. They nerfed a lot of the damage mods, but that basically amounted to a temporary setback on the way to P8 weapons. What they need to do is absolutely gut your reactives the same way they obliterated pyro. That's the only thing that will turn down the complaining for (more or less) good.

    With our AE fear, half the time I use it players are immune, and those that aren't easily Break Free out of it.
    This really can't be true. As a warrior, you're able to charge and fearbomb to start most engagements. Necessarily, most of those people won't be immune. Most of them will probably have break free available. That's sort of the (overpowered) strength of your aoe fear. It's essentially a "trinket sink" for most of the opposing team (thanks to the ridiculously broken range and target cap), opening them up to full duration stuns/silences/cc when the fight has matured.

    Fears are an important tool to open windows of opportunity to burst down targets before they can be healed or in some other way saved. Without some kind of AE CC like Warrior fear, you'd never be able to win against teams that have more healers.
    Also, without lingering wounds you'd never be able to win against teams with more healers. Also, without crazy warrior dps you'd never be able to win against teams with more healers. You guys aren't meant to be the Rift equivalent of a nuclear bomb, leveling the playing field for everyone by completely destroying it. Wouldn't the game be better off if they brought LW, AOE fear, and other such nonsense more in line AND worked on leveling out the heals?

    For dealing with our burst, smarter players will sap my energy. While the spec has tremendous burst capability, like most, it's dependent on energy. Without it, it's like having a gun without bullets, and it takes time to reload. I've been rendered virtually useless by those smart enough to do that.
    Yeah, it was tough... before 1.4. Then they went to town on the one spec that legitimately kept warriors in check.

    In summary, I think if more players adapted or improved their gameplay to deal with other callings/specs effectively, they'd realize that there are truly very few legitimate balance issues between them. Most of the balance issues in Rift PvP are due to gear disparity, which is a problem that will only get worse as more Prestige ranks are introduced to the game, and simultaneously exacerbate the already misperceived balance issues between callings and specs.
    You can't turf all the imbalance issues at the foot of gear disparity. Certainly, that's an issue. So is the warrior calling. The last round of nerfs put you guys in a much better place, but the P8 gear is going to swing things back the other direction. We'll see where warriors are at when the dust settles, so to speak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctisx View Post
    Along with overpowered chlorolock with 10k hp, riftwalkers that can win whitefalls for their team solo, slip away for rogues (lol), clerics that never die, cabalist that aoe down groups, stormcallers that can pop out 5k crits on high valors.....game seems balanced to me.
    okay okay u can have the 5k crits.. but give mages the power to CC warriors all day long so healers have something else to do then just SPAM heal.. they might have to cleanse something once in a while.

    Give us CC or burst but dont ***** when DMG is all we have.

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