(This is not a complaint about PvP, but merely a suggestion for Trion to consider regarding PvP quests.)

Dear Trion,

On non-PvP shards (PvE or RP), I would like to suggest that when doing any kind of PvP quest (e.g., daily PvP quests) that rewards players with Favor/Prestige, players should be required to be flagged while doing them. It seems contradictory to the nature of these quests that players are able to receive PvP rewards without any of the risks associated with being flagged for PvP. In addition, many of these requests inevitably involve competition with other players for quest resources, such as the Charhound spawns in Stillmoor for one of the daily PvP quests. I therefore think it appropriate that in order for players to complete these quests and to receive rewards that they are able to apply toward PvP rank and gear, there should be commensurate risk for those rewards, and they should be required to be flagged while doing them. This would also encourage more world PvP, which I feel adds value to the game.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Your Subscriber