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Thread: Joining Warfronts with Soul Sickness

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    Default Joining Warfronts with Soul Sickness

    Why is this still an issue? It's been around since beta. A person joining a warfront with soul sickness is little more than a hindrance to their team, especially with 4+mins left on their debuff. Either a) soul sickness should bar someone from accepting a WF queue pop or, b) upon joining a WF, soul sickness is removed (because really, who cares). The latter seems to be the more beneficent approach.

    Being unable to accept a pvp queue while dead is also quite obnoxious.

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    I do think it's lame but, all the ideas I can think of to do away with soul sicknesses potential of showing in WFs include easily alternate ways to abuse the mechanic that I am not sure the ideas would ever be used.

    Like wiping soul sickness away when you 'soul walk' after death in WF's. Or if Soul Sickness wiped away from you upon entering a WF.

    Though with the way dungeons work in letting you click a button to port back to your city if you entered it there, then back to dungeon right away. Wiping SS away upon entering a WF might be okay because the only way to abuse it would produce outcomes already more easily achievable through existing conveniences.
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