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Thread: The CC Scene w/ Fixes

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    Default The CC Scene w/ Fixes


    CC in this game is about as useful as a floppy disk. We all know it. It needs some updating. Patch 1.2 overnerfed CC and unwanted side effects followed.

    The biggest dissapointment that followed the patch 1.2 was the lack of decent counters to overpowered or "Flavor of the Month" builds. Rift gets patches, classes get nerfed, others get buffed. There will always be a FotM build every patch. CC was supposed to be a way of equalizing class differentials. Example, how do you deal with an unkillable cleric/mage? CC their healers. How do you deal with rampaging warriors or crystal running rogues? CC them. However, so many CC skills are grouped together and every class has multiple skills for breaking out of CC. People go immune to CC instantly. It also makes kiting hopeless.

    Controlling is nye-impossible in rift's current state. There's just not enough disruption in the game to counter-balance the most beneficial/detrimental classes. Most people are free to "target-dummy" their way to victory and that's not the way Rift is built. For example, warriors can deal massive amounts of damage when in melee range. Their weakness is not being as effective outside of melee range. However, because of the state of CC/DR in this game, warriors are allowed to stay in melee range over 90% of the time and target-dummy all they like. Thus, creating the dilemma of warriors being overpowered in pvp. It's the same with cleric healers, dom mages and rogue runners. They are free to do whatever they want with no interruption. Currently, the only true "CCs" in this game are mana/energy drains from dominators, and that is not enough.

    My Suggestions

    1) Divide the control and movement groups back to pre-1.2 status. The 4 groups should be:

    Stun, Rift Prison
    Incapacitate, Fear, Squirrel, Mesmerize
    Silence, Disarm
    Root, Knockback, Pull, Summon

    2) Have the diminishing return timer be 30 seconds for all groups.

    3) Remove snares from DR. However, cap the movement reduction at 50% speed.

    4) Differentiate between common CC and game-breaker CC and balance accordingly.

    Imo, the game breaking CCs in the game are squirrel, bard mez, rift prison and battlefield intimidation. I might be forgetting others. These GBCCs need to be soul defining, and deep into their soul tree. Imo they need to be at least 26 points deep, branch or root. Not all pvp specs should have these skills availble, especially main dps/healer specs. CC should be a main spec.

    The other common CC skills shouldn't be very powerful. They should have short durations, long CD or easily avoidable/counterable.


    These changes would effectively solve most of the problems we face in pvp. Rampaging/unkitable warriors, crystal running rogues, dominators, relentless cleric healers, etc.

    I don't see how these changes would make CC overpowered. Classes will still have break free with 5 seconds of immunity, multiple other skills for breaking and/or becoming immune, a 30 second DR, and cleanses for most CC. Is there something I'm not realizing? Or are these changes as reasonable as I think they are?

    (Comment/like if you agree so Trion gets it)

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    I don't see any change needed for the current cc system, except that warriors should have less of it and on longer cooldowns.

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