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Thread: PvP Warrior Nerfs

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    Default PvP Warrior Nerfs

    Thank you for my warrior nerfs. In return this is what I now have to offer:

    2 aoe -60% dmg debuffs (each 12 sec duration on 1 min cd)
    2 single target -60% dmg debuffs (12 sec duration 8 sec)
    1 aoe -15% dmg debuff (i believe this lasts 15 secs)
    perma aoe - 15% str debuff
    everything I touch -5% attack and spell power

    buff team 5% dmg
    buff team 5% crit
    buff team attack and spell power (I forget the total amount)
    buff team 5% dmg reduction

    As for my defences I top out at 80% dmg reduction when under 30%hp. The funny thing is I'm not nowhere near the bottom of dmg. (yes not a lot of burst but 700 crit finishers still there which is impressive considering the playstyle and set up)

    Honestly never had so much fun as I have over past weekend. Can do more for my team and aid getting wins more then the old 'qq nerf para/champ' ever could.

    It is also quite amusing watching a full raid trying to take you down...
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