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Thread: open up faction transfers

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    Default open up faction transfers

    Almost all shards are heavily defiant in number making world pvp lopsided and unfun.

    allow one direction faction transfers: defiant to guardian on shards that need it and the reverse if the reverse is needed.

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    Or possibly like what WAR did and offer XP bonus to the under population side.

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    Although xp bonus would help, it wouldn't be enough for people to roll to the other side.

    There has to be other incentives. People have already picked sides (developed relationships accordingly)/invested in current characters/gone through notoriety grind/PvP grind. If you think Trion has this on their mind, you better look elsewhere - not once has Trion admitted population balance issues and not once have they asked for community input to resolve.

    After all, it all starts with the community of players.

    Trion could have rolled out Hammerknell for Guardians only (storyline it *cough*Faceless Man*cough*) on most realms a month ahead of Defiant and that would have severely changed the landscape of player division. Once enough players had a Guardian "50" of appropriate level gear then just open it up for both sides.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barefaced View Post
    Or possibly like what WAR did and offer XP bonus to the under population side.
    Pointless at 50.
    Trion, please give us Player/Guild Housing, a Barber/Makeup Shop,
    complex Guild Crest creator
    and the ability to place them on armor/ shields/ guild standards,
    unlockable alternate skins for pets
    , and more dances and emotes!

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