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Thread: Guild Summons and Rift PvP

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    Default Guild Summons and Rift PvP

    The perk "guild summon" is quickly becoming a deciding factor on who dominates PvP rifts on my shard. Basically, a few people open a rift thinking the coast is clear, and then half a minute later... BAM! a guild of 20 is hacking the rift down and gaining all the favor.

    Join or make a guild and do exactly the same thing? There is one Guardian guild on my shard dominating 100% of PvP rifts. If there were the resources, manpower or willpower to do the same thing Defiant side, it would've happened already.

    As it stand now, the ONLY deciding factor in getting prestige/favor/notoriety is whether you happened to join the one guild on the server that can use this perk. From the get go, the whole point of the rift system even before the PvP ones were introduced was the ability to set group objective anywhere on the map and basically have the game form your group, get the objective done teaming up with people while still maintaining the feeling of solo'ing content. PvP rifts? Doesn't matter: You might've have managed to group up 5 people trying to close the rift by pugging, but you're quickly overwhelmed by a guild and their summon perk because they were "camping" the World Defense channel in the capital city.

    Now, I'm all for perks being deciding factors in game progression, but please spread the love around. I can't think of one single perk in PvP that reads "Automatically kill player X if you're in a large guild." Nope. They're penny antie talents like "Gain 3% crit for 6 seconds" or "Heal a neglible amount of health after a kill."

    The only solution I see to this (probably more a mitigation than a solution) is removing the announcement of a PvP rift being opened from the global chat channels. At least then the members of that one guild would actually have to be in the zone contested to be successful, or at least rely on scouting reports from pugs already in the area.
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    Sorry, but if your realm is not going to show up, you guys deserve to lose.

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    pvp happened at a pvp rift?

    dude. that's exactly what you want to have happen! there are so many people complaining that their pvp rifts are just uncontested shard running and you actually get some action at yours and you complain?
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    All I see is your team gettin rolled but managing to win anyway.

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