Trion please do yourself a and your player community a favor, watch the heavy nerfs/buffs based on QQ on these boards. I will tell you why..."the silent majority". Typically these are people who do not post a lot (or even read these boards). There are a few who when they feel something is out of whack, will come on and voice it.

My suggestion, is to look at the poster, if they have a 1000 posts and they are all QQ, asking for something, or think all classes (but the one they play) should be nerfed, then not much stock should not be put into their views.

The posters that have a sense of what is going on and post a lot in a fair and opened mind way and the posters who do not come on a lot, except when they think something is out of whack, are the people the weight should go too.

Yes, I played WoW and the only time I went to the board, was near the end. I no longer give my money to WoW, now it's Trion. I have 10 other friends who quit, without ever going on the boards and posting their displeasure. One other was playing both Rift and WoW, but he feels Rift is a WoW clone, however he and his guild feels WoW is deteriorating. He stuck with WoW only because he was in a guild and they are local, for real life meet ups.

The point is, out of 12 ppl, 11 quit the game (with only myself voicing my opinion to deaf ears, on the forums). And 1 stayed, only because he is in a local guild. Go read their forums sometime, I'm sure the QQ went down some, as a lot of your player base are former Wow players.

Please stop the heavy handed nerfs, there are problems, but don't take the fun out of the game trying to fix something that the same few ppl complain about, constantly. They are complainers and will not be happy til that have the insta win button on their favored class.

Trion, you do realize, if try to boil a frog and turn the heat slowly, he will stay in the pot...but, if throw him in very hot water he will jump out...the analogy works for your player base, as well. Something WoW can not and has not comprehended.

I am getting that old WoW dread feeling with every patch, certain souls will be nerfed (every time), while certain souls will feel the love and work "as intend" every time. Please do not become that WoW clone, they did heavy hand, knee jerk reactions with classes, and it feels the same way with souls here. souls...

If you need testing..give an incentive for ppl to give up their time out of the events that are going on in the real game. Something like, ask them to signup and test for 2 weeks (with no world events happening at the same time) and they get a free month (if they log log a certain number of hours during that time). Your patches would be much better, if they are tested well. Just a thought...

Thank You