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Thread: PvP Rewards

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    Default PvP Rewards

    What do you think is an appropriate system of rewards. Gear, Rank, Stats, Completing Objectives or nothing?

    I enjoy pvp for the sake of pvp. That one fight where I blow everything I have and the fight comes down to wire. Hell, I even enjoyed pvp in LOTRO when it first came out as a monster. You were specifically under powered because at the time with the lore the opposition is supposed to lose

    However, I think scenarios can only carry a game so far without repetative boredom. I would like to see even with instances some type of keep realm objective or capture objective that gives a small stat increase to Order/Defient overall as a cluster. I would like to see Rank rewards in the form of small permanent stat increases with gear increases at a minimal. The higher the rank the harder it is to reach the next rank. So at the far end of the spectrum it could take 6 months to reach the next rank or reward level.

    Add solo kills stat or stats on this website showing who is the mighty among us.

    Your thoughts?

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    I think this would be great. However, the high rank people who like farming fresh 50s would QQ about not pwning "scrubnubs" with their "1337 5k1ll5."

    Don't get stuck in the hay.

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