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Thread: Reporting from the trenches

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    Default Reporting from the trenches

    Hiyas. I been having great fun bringing perdita up through the low rank warfronts. Here are some of my reflections, so far. BTW, I still quest a lot and try to do a dungeon every day too.

    First off, the new marks are a great idea. Whenever I get to 100K favor I buy 30 marks. I don't need to worry about the caps. This is my first toon that would have cap problems. I have learned I need gear sooner the better when I hit 50 so I am getting prepared. Right now I gots 60 marks and 50K favor.

    Okay about the fighting (disclaimer: I usually only PuG and am a BADs ). Generally, everyone knows the rules and methods now much better than even a month or two ago. We know what we need to do and try to get it accomplished. Sometimes, we are just outmatched but that's life. I don't see much premades or AFK. Everyone tries pretty hard is my experience. I love my team for that!

    In the 10's and 20's there was always a loudmouth screaming abuse and telling us how to win. I mean sometimes we are just outclassed and with the score maybe 480-120, there is a guy yelling "DEX, you NOOBS" And cursing and telling us how BADs we are. Well like we don't know that but are having trouble keeping Stat from going red along with everything else. Here's my point. It's about positive reinforcement. Scream abuse at me and it really don't help my interest in playing, at least with you. And, if we're losing, the team is losing. Why one person thinks he is better than everyone else, I have no idea.

    Okay, treachorous ground here. Clerics are meant to be healers. I realize this is my first toon that has no heals (pots and 150 shield on trinket is it). I'm pretty heal dependent. I see lots of clerics coming up but not many that will heal. IME to date in the pre-50 brackets, these clerics that won't heal are also generally at the bottom of damage charts too. What's the point? I mean if you don't wanta heal, roll something then that actually contributes to the fight. At the very least, a cleric that enters WF should look around and if there are no heals, he might consider his heal role. It would be a courtesy and we would like him. Otherwise I'll be asking in warfrontchat if we have enough dps clerics. haha

    Oh, and there are not many warriors coming up.I like warriors. It's the same as on my other toons, I need warriors upfront or I can't do my best work. Anyways, that's my report. Have fun and keep fighting.
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    Lol I like this report. I personally love healing in warfronts (rank 6 warden atm), its not for everyone but every fight is game changing - whether you can dodge the #1 or not... ;)

    Also have some fun with Inquisicar or Cabalist, they're some nice specs and if the fight has enough healing, go for it!!

    Thanks for the post OP!
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    Welcome to the Balanced brackets where the game is fun and enjoyable. If you'd like access to the pool or need a groundskeeper just ring the front desk.

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