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Thread: need some pvp guidance for lvl 20 warrior please.

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    Default need some pvp guidance for lvl 20 warrior please.

    hello everybody,

    I'm relatively new to the game. Currently I'm playing a warrior on a pvp server (i happened to choose it because it was crowded and i hate empty servers). I was not aware though that warriors might be a bit usless in pvp, is that right? My souls are reaver/campion/undecided. So what am I to do? I don't want to re-roll to some more pvp-friendly class?

    Can anyone spare some useful hints and tricks regarding a young pvp-warrior? Some secret tactics maybe? Thank you very much in advance.

    (see you at the war front. I'm the one lying face down in the dirt. ;-)

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    lol you couldn't be more wrong. If you rolled warrior you're doing it right. Even after the nerfs warriors received yesterday. Just hang in their champ, you'll be face rolling people in no time.

    Seriously though, have a look in the warrior forum, I'm sure there's gotta be talk about useful pvp builds after the 1.5/6 hotfixes the other day.
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