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Thread: The New Way to Queue for Warfronts

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    Default The New Way to Queue for Warfronts

    It's time to be honest with ourselves and admit that group queuing as it stands is at best not working as intended. Currently we see this when we want to queue for a warfront:

    SOLO (button)
    GROUP (button)

    They both go to the same place, so the distinction is moot.

    May I suggest we change the queue system to this:

    SOLO (button)
    5v5 (button)
    10v10 (button)

    This would allow those who really wanted competition to play in an organized group setting. It would allow others to queue and play on a casual basis. Yes there'd still be the 3,2,1 crowd but I truly believe there are some strong group pvpers out there who want a challenge when they play. This would alleviate at least part of the problem of premade v pug.

    I'd even be OK with the 5v5 and 10v10 getting special incentives and such as long as they didn't have access to better gear that they could wear in the SOLO queue format. (If Trion felt they needed to give them better gear for a group environment then so be it, just not allow that gear to be used in the SOLO queue).

    The first step in a recovery is admitting there is a problem. Come on Trion, it's time to admit there is.
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