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Thread: Game mechanic suggestion

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    Default Game mechanic suggestion

    I imagine one of the objectives from a development point of view is to find that balance between challenging and frustrating so on that note...

    In open PVP my frustration is usually due to being corpse camped- I run from sometimes a HUGE distance only to rez and immediately get smacked down due to no buffs and 40% hps etc. The worst occasion was actually being chain killed at the respawn point by a rogue 4 ranks above me using slip away to evade the npc guards after 1-2 shotting me. After 20 minutes I had to log and do something else(the WF trick hadnt occurred to me at that point).

    On exiting WF's your PVP flag is switched off for a few seconds giving you an opportunity to acclimatise/run like hell.

    Can I suggest that the same happens after a rez. This would at least give you an opportunity to run a little closer to the guards/portal etc.

    There is no fun in being corpse camped and no challenge to it. I know a lot of hardcore PVPers will say that's PVP but im not sure it is...Its more preventing someone playing/harassment imho.

    Anyway just a suggestion.


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    You shouldn't get immunity to pvp if you soul walk, but I agree rezzing should give you a temporary pvp immunity. Like when you hit respawn and go to a respawn point, not your corpse. It would only make sense since you get immunity upon logging in, zoning places and leaving WFs.

    Although a solution aside from waiting for a WF que if this is happening to you, is to just log out and log back in, since that to will give you immunity.

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