I am sorry to say trion but there are a couple of concerns with the new 1.4 pvp gear, or rather the way we are "forced" to obtain it.

1- first off grinding unseen rep, when will someone come up with a better way to get rep other than grinding it. like everything in MMO its a friggin grind to get anywhere. and low and behold 1.4 is a backwards step to this end.
For around 10 years i have been playing MMO's and yes i am used to the way things work. but after so many years im now a weekend warrior at best. anyway i have been grinding my way to rank 4 for some weeks and just as im 2 bars off out comes 1.4.
imagine my rage when i realized that having hit rank 4 i couldn't purchase my intended upgrades due to being unable to achieve the required rep with unseen to get the bits that will allow me to continue (the occultist synergy crap) and whats worse is for the few pieces i could buy without them i had to go and waste 7k favor on a downgraded weapon so i could do a slight upgrade. WTF

i get that most players have alot more time than i do for grinding these things out and for them its a short couple of weeks and BAM they get what they are after. but for those of us that are no longer addicted to MMO and play for the joy of it, the never ending grind works much against us. the only thing i can do to kind of keep up was save my favor and skip ranks of gear. in order to do this i have to play more carefully so as to not get into positions where getting out geared everywhere will let my team down. but thats cool i dont mind doing the guarding or scouting if it means a win. getting off track...

the point is that is all well and good to have these crystals to help improve gear and to have to grind rep to get them is also expected, but ffs please get rid of forcing us to spend our hard earnt favor on crap we don't want.
being able to choose how i gear up MY TOON is a big part of the game and you have taken it away.

2- PVP RIFT's are a wicked idea, but they are to easy and the reward for taking out opposing rifts frankly just isn't worth the effort. as a result in game u get a small raid party running shards with no opposition. to complete a quest just isn't worth the time, i can grind more favor faster but just playing wfs.

so here is a thought. instead of shard running u have a count down of 15 min (for eg.) if at the end of the 15 min. u still have control of the rift a chest with 1 or 2 pieces of pvp gear is there to be rolled on.
but to make it better for the attackers if they can successfully take the rift they get 2-3 bits.
or something like that. i would imagine then that people would make proper raid teams to best attack or defend. and in an afternoon of doing these rifts out of 20 people hopefully everyone will gain a piece of gear.

i know everyone's ranks are different and so like wow u don't get the actual gear but a token that can purchase your current rank in gear.

i think you'll find a lot more ppl willing to take the time to do these rifts and thus eliminate the uneventful pvp that telara currently has.

Having said all that, i do praise all the efforts into making pvp better, but can u just take the over the top requirements away and give us our freedom to choose how we want to gear up our toons.

also it would help if i could do a weeks worth of the unseen rep quests in a weekend. its the same amount of time to complete but alot more realistic for those of us with kids jobs and family's that obviously must come first to achieve the desired results. otherwise ill be lucky to have enough rep done by Christmas to hopefully purchase rank 5 or 6. no ****.

anyway food for thought.
may all your loots be phat loots!!!