good warriors have little to worry about in the changes.
paragon and champion combos were never the best anyways. they just preformed under geared better then most. (with the auto crits from paired strike)

there are many great 2h specs and para champs will still be competitive.

my main issue with all of this is the fact that all they had to do was buff others to put a positive spin on the whole situation.

there would be no upset players if it was rolling buffs for pvp only.

i was hoping they were going that route when they reworked Cabalist to do some respectable dps.
if they had done the same with mages and rogues we could have gone on being happy.
none the wiser.

(I know several will maintain Cabs were better before 1.4 but none the less they were made easier to play by all accounts)

anyway my point is buff everyone instead of nurfing what people like.
Its all about perception. think of it as a relationship ,...end on a good note

just thoughts that i felt like sharing