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Thread: Still?

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    Default Still?

    Since the update, all of the premades have crawled out from under the bridges to get their level 8 gear. Queuing for a warfont isn't event fun at this point when you aren't in a premade. Seriously Trion? You still don't get the fact that 90% of the player base doesn't want to deal with this ****. Premades vs. Pugs does not work. This has been a fact since day 1. Maybe take some time off from making "new and exciting rifts" and take care of the existing problems. Now lets hear from the premade griefers.

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    Tried already and failed. I'm glad you think you are better then everyone else though and want to wish long queue times on everyone that doesn't play the way you do in some don quixote like crusade for "fairness" in a video game. The best kind of fairness is when everyone is given the same tools to work with and you decide what you are going to do with them. You have decided to do the least possible ammount and so you will lose the large majority of the time in WF.

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    At least you are getting warfronts to pop -win or lose. In my battlegroup the wait was 20 mins this morning.
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