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Thread: +hit affecting PVP, when will it end?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oscrixi View Post
    Its one thing to be dodged blocked or parried on an attack. wtf is up with this happening on my bleeds. And its not just a little, its like 90% of the bleed damage. Who has that much block for one. And how exactly do you dodge or block a bleed ?
    Valid question, but once again, please don't use real world physics to determine whether something is working as intended or not in a video game. Thanks.

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    Didn't read the whole thread...

    But +hit and +focus do help alot in PvP. Someone did say they had really high +hit (300?) but still missed. But I bet that was when some rogue used their dodge ability which greatly increases their dodge (or a para using +parry ability). With +300 hit you will miss but still hit them. Most will just get miss after miss.


    +hit and +focus matter too much. With modest +hit and +focus you render base defense of most players to 0 or <5% chance. Abilities will be effective but the situation makes going defensive a tough choice to make work.


    As healing is now, TRION can't make any big changes to this. Or if they do, slow changes and then tweaking healing classes. I honestly don't think they have the skill to do it right.

    As is, if you don't put points into abilities that up parry/dodge/block they will be low enough that +50-100 hit will make em useless (depending on gear). Focus is laughably easy since around +30 is enough and +50 is overkill on 90% of the player base (very hard to up resists to 50+ across the board, or 100+ in some specific type). Sure sometimes I'll find someone with really high death resists but they are 1 in 200, so nothing to worry about at all. If many raised death resists to 100+ I'd just switch my damage type on my mage. But that will not happen since gear has no resists and if gear ever does I'd just up my focus.

    Its just a design for PvE that doesn't work AT ALL in PvP. Not thought out at all but I find most MMOs fail at defense in PvP.

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