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Thread: Paragon/Cabalist Nerf

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    Default Paragon/Cabalist Nerf

    * Addressed some specific PvP balance issues involving Cabalist and Paragon builds.
    * PvP: Reduced the bonus given by certain enhancing buffs during PvP only.
    - Teaching of the Five Rings, Weapon Specialization, and Rift Fury are reduced by 10%.
    - Slayer's Bearing is reduced by 5%.
    - Force of Will is reduced by 5% in PvP for each Soul Point spent in it.
    - Strike Like Iron is reduced by 5% when used with 1 or 2 Attack Points, and 10% when using 3 Attack Points.
    - Bend Like the Reed: Bonus is reduced by 5% per Attack Point used.
    * PvP: Certain damaging abilities have had their damage reduced when using them in PvP.
    - Paired Strike, Titan's Strike, Punishing Blow, and Frenzied Strike have been reduced by 10%.
    - Reaping Harvest and Path of the Raptor have been reduced by 15%.

    * Fixed a bug where one character's Dark Water would overwrite another's.
    * Lurking Decay: This will no longer cause disguises to fail immediately after putting them on.
    * Sign of Asias: Now reduces the damage Decay deals to players while active.
    * Maelstrom: Reduced range to 20 and radius to 10.


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    I wish they would have left slayers bearing and titan's strike out of this. Champ was balanced well the first time they abused it with the nerf bat. Now it's gonna feel gimpy if I don't pair it with paragon.

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