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Thread: Addressing lack of skill

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    Default Addressing lack of skill

    Ok so this game is just a mindless dps/heal fight with some trivial tactics. Zerg zerg and more zerg.

    How could trion add more pvp strategy like forcing enemies to use cooldowns then using CC at the right time to create kill opportunities or luring melee out of los of their healers before blowing damage cooldowns, or switching targets when a target is fully cleric HoT'd?

    The answer is simple. Quadruple hp and nerf diminishing returns slightly.

    Why? Players critting 2k on people with about 5k hp is ridiculous. There is no time for pvp strategy, its just kill or be killed. There is no intelligent use of CC.

    But why nerf diminishing returns? Two reasons. Firstly because the buff to hp would make healers far more powerful, so nerfing diminishing returns would mean timed use of controls would be both viable and necessary to take out a healer, introducing more skill into rift. Secondly because kiting in this game is laughable. Melee do not need a support to turn around the pressure even if the ranged gets the offensive.
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