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Thread: Cabalist update #5

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    Default Cabalist update #5

    * Addressed some specific PvP balance issues involving Cabalist and Paragon builds.
    * PvP: Reduced the bonus given by certain enhancing buffs during PvP only.
    - Teaching of the Five Rings, Weapon Specialization, and Rift Fury are reduced by 10%.
    - Slayer's Bearing is reduced by 5%.
    - Force of Will is reduced by 5% in PvP for each Soul Point spent in it.
    - Strike Like Iron is reduced by 5% when used with 1 or 2 Attack Points, and 10% when using 3 Attack Points.
    - Bend Like the Reed: Bonus is reduced by 5% per Attack Point used.
    * PvP: Certain damaging abilities have had their damage reduced when using them in PvP.
    - Paired Strike, Titan's Strike, Punishing Blow, and Frenzied Strike have been reduced by 10%.
    - Reaping Harvest and Path of the Raptor have been reduced by 15%. "

    Is it only me, but I see warrior abilities only? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarygary View Post
    Is it only me, but I see warrior abilities only? :P
    Only because you didn't read the part that comes after it.
    I'm so BORED

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