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Thread: Well On The Lighte Side of things...

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    Default Well On The Lighte Side of things...

    Every warrior I know of has lost faith and the chats have been full of people talking about other games coming out and leaving this one. So much joy that I won't be alone in my exodus.

    Seriosuly trion.. take away BI, make LG be removable and most warriors wont leave. Keep this patch going and BAM. We gone.

    How many of us do you think will stick around for when you say you made a boo boo and fix your blunder 2 months down the road? Not a heck of a lot.
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    Good maybe people will PvP again without the unkillable monster's running around taking out everything in its path.
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    be gone.

    learn to adapt, we've been nerfed how many times as mages? Stop yer *****ing
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