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Thread: Should I cap lvl or not?

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    Default Should I cap lvl or not?

    I'm having a lot of fun with low lvl PvP in this game, the balance is ok, gear has almost no influence, it is all about skill, souls and macros (and healers). Great stuff.

    However what I've read so far is that once you cap level (50) gear becomes a major kill or die factor.

    My question is: does it takes too long to get high lvl PvP gear (R6-R8) ? are raid gears good enough to PvP?

    I'm asking this because sincerelly I don't like this game quest >> gridding >> walking >> get unmounted by low lvl mobs >> quest >> gridding >> walking >> .... it is boring, but dungeons are nice and I guess raids can be even cooler but I wouldn't sacrifice it for a good pvp fun time.

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    If the majority of people on the forums are right, then fresh 50s are complete fodder for a while (depending on how much time you can play). I'm sure the r8s aren't helping that.

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    If you're having fun now, I'd recommend against hitting 50. As a fresh 50, you'll spend more time clicking "Respawn" than anything else. It gets better with ranks, but grinding through the ranks is pretty painful when you feel like favorbait to anything R6 or above.

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    You'll die a lot when you first hit 50 for awhile until you get into rank 3/4 gear (still die a lot but can live a little better) so its up to you, if you want to put up with being farmed for awhile or be the one thats level 49 killing all those fresh 40s until you ding 50 from that?

    As for raid gear, no, it doesn't have any valor (the start that pvp gear has to lower player damage) so you would die even quicker wearing it.
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