So i will analyze the pvp game aspect since i start the game i stop it
and now i retry it i will talk about the pvp aspect
cause pve its nothing more than a script i mean dungeons mostly.

1)When i reach 50 i want to pvp. The first thing was to fix keybindings why i
am not a clicker pvper.
I realize that u cant focus ur self with the alt key, so i open a ticket without a GM respond.
so i fix the problem with a macro. i just programm it to focus my self at each warfront i enter
at each.

By loggin today they fix it. i mean u can use Alt+key but not ALT+(shift or similar)+key, i didnt find
anything at the settings page

2)The game soul system is really a great idea. But in pvp aspect u have to know
the exact spec of ur teammates the color systems that was in use make the thing worst.
even if i ask the other ppl to tell me at the end i didnt figure it out.

And now they fix it an appropriate icon near the raid Ui makes it clear enough

3)Rifts is a great idea but the almost syncronized time which more that one rift open
has as a result to lost time by trying to track a rift raid.

Any change to automatically or by sending invites to ppl at the same area where the rifts is
that will have a great results at world pvp.
i mean the inviting of defiants and guardians in order to close a rift and the battle between them

4)One more thing is that i can only see the prestige rank bar from warfront menu or by
pressing K. I cant see it where the lvl bar is

5)Buffs bars and debuffs bar must be split up. i get confused the distance of bars isnt great enough
in order the player to know if a new buff added in the underline or if it a debuff

PS:debuff or curse or root or slow effects and similar spells

Some concerns:
when i reach the biggest rank there is nothing else to do except the warfront and rifts
are u devs think the idea of arena system implementation? and more warfronts with
new ideas ?

Thanks all i think my post will be constractive enough to make ppl really
add they are ideas in order to make pvp aspect of the game more enjoyable
and stop qqing about everything.
cause the mistake of devs was that they arent (maybe) try all the game aspects
but they do a great job for a new mmo