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Thread: Warfront ideea: Stonefield Reclaimer

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    Default Warfront ideea: Stonefield Reclaimer

    The guardians and the defiants have engaged in an all out battle across Stonefield over the remnants of ethian technology. While the defiants strive to preserve and study the artifacts at all costs, the guardians must destroy the dangerous relics.

    Map: Stonefield enviroment.

    In the middle of the map there will be an Orb or Power. The player who captures it will be empowered for 1 minute.

    *Empowerment: The player grows in size, has a much increased health pool and armor, as well as much increased damage. Can also interact with ethian technology. The increase in health pool and damage is done up to a designated floor and is not a percentage based on the player's own stats: a very bad geared player is, under empowerment, the same as the best geared player under empowerment.
    The buff is timed and fueled by the relics collected/destroyed. Collecting/destroying relics resets the buff to its full duration. If the player doesn't do it within 1 minute, the buff fades from the player and the Orb of Power respawns in the middle.

    Across the map there will be ethian artifacts spawning in random locations. Only empowered players will be able to interact with them, depending on faction.

    The empowered guardian must destroy the relic.
    The empowered defiant must collect it.
    The interaction "cast" time is the same for both and can be interrupted.

    Each relic destroyed/collected yields 100 points. The faction who gains 1000 points wins the warfront.
    Also killing the enemy empowered player yields 100 points.
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