Paired Strikes. Three guaranteed crits. In a game where burst damage is already somewhat over-the-top. For a class that procs a vicious healing debuff and gains access to an off-the-GCD attack on crits.

Lightning Burst. A massive, er, burst nuke. For a class with access to a pvp tree that gives +15% damage, +30% crit damage, and a guaranteed crit cool down.

Sign of Asias. A cool down that allows you to spam your decay-consuming finishers, circumventing decay's normal rate of regeneration. For a class with an ability that sucks multiple targets to one point and snares them.

I feel like, on paper, this stuff is really, really, really obviously broken. Often times you create logical limitations for your souls (rate of refresh on decay) only to allow them to be temporarily broken. Other times you take something with a pretty well understood place in these games (random crits) and make them automatic - with no regard for what procs or follows up. Worst of all, you just let massive, hilariously unbalanced things (lightning burst, old-school fulminate) in with no regard for balance whatsoever.

I guess I'm just confused. Who is testing this stuff before it goes live? Do you test at all? Does anyone there have even a slight predilection for balanced pvp?