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Thread: take up the gauntlet dear devs...

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    Default take up the gauntlet dear devs...

    .... and design a 60 * 60 warfront! With quests, subquests, mini goals, the whole nine yards! It would be a pvp extravaganza !

    I know among zillions of other things, it would cost dearly to set up servers with such specs. Worths the trouble though.

    Gamewise, we dont get much open world pvp due to huge imbalance of faction population; guardians seem to be really few . Therefore , pvp rifts do not work as intented :/

    So once again, please design a massive warfront, I am sure we, the community, will reward your effort and spread the good news at the whole mmo game community!

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    I'm pretty sure i seen somewhere that they're already working on a 40v40 one.
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    As lovely as it would be, its not realistic in any way. They struggle even with Scion. Maybe 40vs40 (with imimum of 20 in both sides) could be possible and even then they must keep quest etc at minimum to avoid it being pve rather than pvp (or quests being useless).

    Anyway, massive WFs should be up only at certain time (to ensure people quenue to em and not to other small ones), give very good rewards and have very long fights. Possible 6h+, even days. To something to wait for, something to remember later.
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