How about for guardians to close 1 pvp rift for weeky quest? Jk

But really, i see defiants dominating every shard.

On icewatch today early in the morning i see defiants opening rift one after another(they have closed already 6 rifts in 1h). When i arrive there it's only me 1 guardian vs almost full raid of defiants...

I feel like if there is defiant on line who does wf then 95% hes also going for pvp rift(if not in wf or dungeon), but guardians better stays in sanctum staring at dummy for 1h than going to pvp rift.

Then i see omg guardians open pvp rift, when i get there, there is already raid of defiants but not a single guardian.

For guardians it's harder to close 1 rift than for defiants 50 lol

Take a look at screen
Even in 1 wf match happened that there's is so many guardians, many of them r4+, but why no one ever bothers to do pvp rift?

Cmon guardians u are better than defiants.

ps. maybe thats because bored with rift idk, but this is almost game breaking for me when i see defiants closing ~50 rifts every day, but guardians can't close even 1

pps. recruiting pvp guild on icewatch, if someone interested /w me