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Thread: server inquiry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatalflaw View Post
    Weird. When did everything change with briarcliff being guardian dominated?

    I've leveled 2 characters to 50 on Gnarlwood, which is in the battle group with Briarcliff. One is rank6, the other rank5, and up until the past few weeks it was pretty much defiant premades every night during the week, aside from the odd guardian one here and there.

    Actually I just remembered.. we have been winning nearly constantly since they rearranged the warfront shard groups..
    The two guardian premade'ing guilds just came here TODAY. I'm more frustrated with the one running full 10 man Black Garden premades, 15 man Codex premades, 20 man Port Scion premades. Go pvp right now, you'll see what I mean.

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    Lovin' brocliff so far. :3
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    r40 pizzabox wheeeeeeeee

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