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Thread: 0-30 Warfronts. Are ANY Battlegroups good?

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    Default 0-30 Warfronts. Are ANY Battlegroups good?


    New Rift player here, got drawn in by the free trial. Got my first toon to 50 this morning after about a week and a half of play. Since I enjoy PvP, I had done quite a bit (100% solo queueing) of it while leveling up, and had already purchased my P1 and P2 armor sets and banked them for when I hit 50 and could start earning prestige. All 4 of the brackets (10s, 20s etc.) felt fine to me. There were wins and losses, good games, decent games, a few poor games, but all in all the experience was pretty good.

    Since I had the entire day to goof off, and the population is always light during daytime hours, I decided to PvP a bit more, thinking I could probably get the 45k prestige for P2. Boy, was I wrong.

    I haven't won a single match since then, of any type. Not only have I not won any, but none were even close. Every single one of them was a blowout. I'm talking 500-4 Black Gardens, 1000-42 Codex's, a multitude of Whitefalls where we can't even leave our GY.

    Now, I'm an old school PvPer. I did the old prestige grind to rank 14 in that other game. While I am quite new to Rift specifically, MMO PvP is in general usually fairly similar. What I mean by this is while my macros or rotation may not be the 100% best possible, they are pretty damn good, and likely better than an 'average' player. I very much doubt that my own play is the deciding factor in these losses.

    I have no problem taking the time to gear myself up to be able to compete in PvP. Now that I'm 50, I can join my friends in premades, so that will likely help things.

    However, that doesn't change the fact that for solo play, it is entirely likely to play dozens of matches without a win. That isn't fun, and doesn't seem like good design, if your goal is to retain subscribers.

    Whether it is gear imbalance, premade vs pug preponderence, or what I cannot say. I know the issues that crop up because of PvP in MMOs very well; they've been the same issues for nearly a decade now. There are fixes already designed to deal with these issues. It isn't rocket science.

    What I can say though, is that if there is nothing for me to do at level 50 except sit at my graveyard for 300 prestige per loss unless I can field a full premade group of friends, I'll be cancelling after the 30 days play included runs out.


    So, are any battlegroups well balanced for the 50s group? In terms of both population and progression?

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    Imo, the Molinar/Freeholme cluster is pretty balanced. It all depends on the time of day. I play Guardians, we win by alot, or lsoe by alot. Normally. Occasionally it's really close, but others one side clearly won
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