1. Displaying Buffs to Enemies
  2. Displaying Cast Bars to Enemies

Years later he says? Game has not been out for years. What's this fool talking about?

In regard to buffs, it has never made sense that buffs outside of those that obviously have some form of obvious GFX attached to them should be known by the enemy player. How would a player know that DEX, STR, END, etc had been buffed? A Charged Shield on the other hand - the enemy is crackling with electricity, sure - no doubt. It is annoying that Trion went this route.

Prior to Dec 5th, 2006; WoW did not offer the Spell Alert - displaying of the enemy's cast bar. Players could try to guess what an enemy was casting based on the animations, this allowed juking and the like. It required more skill on the enemy's part to know when to try to interrupt - or - know what was being cast. It makes no sense that every character should know exactly what another player is casting. It is annoying that Trion went this route.

Just a pre-coffee random thought this morning that came to me while I was playing a lowbie alt while still asleep...