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Thread: PVP Rift was made for Defiants

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    Thumbs down PVP Rift was made for Defiants

    like the title says, it was made for defiants. after getting my *** chased by 3x our 15 men guardians pvp rift raid group since the update, im calling it quits too. Dayblind is shimmersand and stillmoor is overrun by zergs of defiants.


    and like my pic's title says seriously Trion...WTF i'd say we have enough defiants in Dayblind already.

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    On my server the Guardians dominated for a few days....

    Then Defiants won Stillmoor before prime-time....

    Then Guardians came back....

    So, what you're saying is on your server there are lots of Defiants, and because of that PvP rifts were designed solely for them?
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