I didn't know where to post suggestions so I put it here since has to do with PvP. It would be nice if Trion would implement a hitlist for PvP that works like a friends list but for enemies. That way if u really see some1 as a threat.....say a healer u could add them to the hit list by right clicking the target icon and select add to hitlist. So that way whenever u come across them they would stand out of the crowd light a highlight or a big skull above them so u know they are bad news. It would also be cool if they could make it where if u so choose u could share your hitlist with ppl. So say u get a PvP grp together and u get in a battleground and u have a healer there that's on your hitlist. But no1 knows who it is that's healing cause match just started. Just share your hitlist and bam coordinated attacks. I've nvr seen a MMOimplement this but have always wanted it and it seems Trion listens to it's customers so I decided to post it and see what happens. Share your thoughts flaws in it etc and let's see what they say