New pvp mentalities are forming quickly with the new escalation WF that should be alarming to Trion in terms of their goals of fun environment. The thoughts and actions of teams are funneling down a new standard of playstyle that are alarming in my view. Here is the standard progression I have seen:

- Out of the start gate and our merry band of 15 players heads to the center for the pending royal rumble.

- 2 minutes later – our merry band gets face rolled and the kill count is 14 to 0 (always 1 afk’er right?). And wow, with this bonus out, they are already have 1k favor – ouch! That already makes up for the difference of winning/losing just in case they blow it and lose.

- 1 minute later – spurts of our group go out and get facerolled again. Count is now 25 to 0 (maybe we have 3-5 kills because of the overzealous that stray off their healers)

- Few moments later – someone from losing team mentions in warfront/raid chat to just let them cap and stay in our graveyard.

- Arguing begins – one side says: let’s just play and have fun! Other side is no, don’t feed them kills so they get to R7/R8 faster than us.

- The winning team also starts arguing – don’t cap! Let’s farm them! The good willed player says, just cap it and move on – grow up guys.

- Game over with some final bickering and frustrations from the losing side – l2p, reroll, dps/healing sucked, mark their healers next time, etc.

The biggest issue I see fostering the above problems is that too much favor is given out on player kills compared to winning a game. Or conversely, not enough separation of points between a win and a loss.

My team won a game yesterday in Escalation where they had 58 kills and we had 40 - a tad unbalanced but relatively competitive. Even though we WON, they all got more favor out of it. What?! The amount of favor from kills, especially after an initial faceroll, is EXTREMELY tempting to any winning team to where the stones become secondary. And even I admit it in games getting 80-100 kills and seeing that juicy 6-8k favor payout is very tasty. Nom Nom.

In the end though, I think you need to address the math here to mitigate the farming mentalities and the inherent structure leading to too many lopsided games. I played about 50 games on the weekend and can safely say that over 40 of them were not competitive at all – either we dominated or they dominated. It has become a faceroll luck of the draw with teams where one side farms for juicy favor and the other side feels trapped and compelled to just wait out the loss. Structure and number changes are needed… and soon.