my favorite past time was making alts.. it took me a while to figure out why exactly I got so bored with rift so quickly, and I figured out that I just wasn't as thrilled to make another character. I like the mage class and I love the fact that there are 5 different roles I could have, but I lose out on learning that character role for each of the different souls. I know it's a wierd way to look at it.. 3 months ago I found myself super bored from playing the game that I decided to cancel and go play Aion. Now that i'm bored with pvp on Aion i'm back here to have fun on Rift all over again.

I have always loved Rift, it truly is a great game. Just needs some more content for me ;) PVP stuff is what I like.. Research Dark Age of Camelot and it's incredible RvR system.. I think you might find ideas for a new pvp zone! I need more pvp content to keep me busy

Thanks Developers for listening to the playerbase