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Thread: Any Role will do

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    Default Any Role will do

    Trion - dont care what role you give it to - give someone an instant cast non mitigatable, unblockable,
    unparriable guaranteed hit for 20k that only works on warriors - they just might kill one cos nonething else can atm

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    They are still ridiculously silly atm - paragons now specing for extreme burst, heal debuff, high ranged, lots of closers, parry everything ability and plate. And yet trion are so incompetent and blind they can't see it - this is the same underlying problem WAR had and lo and behold hiring the same developers has created the same problem.

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    There's a billion thread that tells you exactly how to take down warriors.


    Stop waiting for Trion to win games for you and start thinking about what you can do to counter them. They are Squishies in plate. Anything with Magical damage penetrates their armor and if they overextend, they die. Make them overextend, spend points in survivability instead of being a glasscanon, and BOOM there goes the warrior.

    Stop wanting a 1v1 balanced game, not going to happen.

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    What's hilarious is that these parachamps everyone cries about are actually pretty rare. Most warrior PvPers would much rather have increased utility and survivability than a glass cannon.

    In this past weekend of Whitefall madness, I saw far more Ragestorms, S&B RBs, RBparachamps, BMs and tanks than I saw 44/15/7 Parachamps or 38/23/5's. Hell, I even saw some BMs and a couple 51pt Champs.

    Hard as it may be to believe, Warriors are balanced pretty well within their Calling and have a multitude of viable and effective builds.
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