(Disclaimer ...I do not think PvP should be an exclusive club where only the few can have fun)

Either add Focus / Hit to PvP Gear or remove it as neccessary.

13 pieces of gear constitute a PvP set if you include weapons later.
Rank 1-2 should be equal to tier 1
Rank 3-4 should be equal to tier 2
Rank 5-6 should be equal to raid 1-2
Rank 7-8 should be equal to raid 3

VALOR is bad bad bad in current design. A PVE guild, in raid 1-2 gear does not go back and farm tier 1 dungeons as it is not challenging. The game is not designed that way nor should it be. Yet in PVP the people in Rank 6 gear still face people with barely even a rank 1 set of armor. The Valor on the rank 6 armor makes them so tough it is like a raid mob to people with no gear yet.

A minor change to healing in PvP was made, yet I feel that is the wrong direction to go in order to make a "fix", though it did not seem to make much change really.

My suggestion is work along this route...

1. Make +hit weapons and +focus weapons available via PvP sets.

Rank 4 weapon combos should have a hit/focus rating of 100 combined. 2h have 70, 1h/offhand have 35 each, and ranged have 30. From then on, all weapon combos should have the same rating as 100 hit/focus is all you need, and if want more can rune it. This does not effect progression thru dungeons as getting rank 4 takes more time than getting hit to enter tier 2 dungeon.

2. Change armor sets.

Have armor sets do a natural progression just like PvE, more armor better stats and such. A new level 50 who is going to duel someone who has tier 2 dungeon gear they should probably lose if they are of equal ability. Adding the valor to makes it even a much bigger uphill battle and takes away the "skill" pvpers like to claim to have.

So the question to changing armor sets is how, and that is remove valor. Instead have bonuses per pvp centric item equipped. It makes it fair, it makes an incentive to still pvp, yet you dont have superheroes fighting mortals.

A simple solution would be for each piece of gear and weapons gained via favor to reduce dmg taken from other players by 1%, and increase damage done to players by 1%. A full outfit of pvp armor gear regardless of rank would increase dmg by 10% and mitigate by 10% with maybe a full 10/10 giving a 15% change.

Rank 2 Leather Chest
506 Armor
str 18
dex 21
End 13
AP 10
Valor 53

Rank 6 Leather Chest
674 Armor
str 22
dex 33
End 19
AP 16
Valor 106

As you can see just by stats the Rank 6 gear is better and a rank 6 "should" beat a rank 2 geared player, but still has to use skill.

3. With change of no valor revert healing back to normal.


Basically add the minimum amount of hit/focus needed to all pvp weapons, or remove it from working in pvp. Change to valor to a set % of damage reduction, and damage increased versus players. Roll back healing to normal. This does not infringe on PvE land, but allows them to come to PvP land and have fun. At the same time a rank 6 pvp equipped will still have an advantage over a similar PvE equipped, but still needs some skill.