First, I would like to state that I have not done a thorough search of the forums to see if this has already been suggested. If it has, please, feel free to add the link in a response for further discussion.

With the introduction of PvP Rifts and the need to gain Unseen or Eye faction (notoriety) in order to upgrade one's PvP gear, I have personally experienced the exacerbation of the imbalance in faction population.

When attempting to open/close a PvP rift, the faction with the most players, as one would expect, is at an advantage. This, in itself, is not so much an issue. However, when this is discovered by the faction with fewer members, it eventualy becomes discouraging to even attempt world PvP as it is almost a guarantee that the will be grieved and likely not be able to complete their PvP quests.

This causes some people to join the dominate faction which then causes further imbalance in the factions.

In theory, world pvp would be balanced if there were equal members of both factions (if one neglects player skill). To this end, I suggest adding a buff be added to a player entering a PvP area. If the player is of the faction with more members (I would also suggest having it vary with actual players in the area) enter a pvp area, they would either recieve no buff or possibly even a Debuff (affecting pvp only). Conversely, a player of the faction with fewer members enters a PvP area they would receive a buff (affecting pvp only).

I believe this would cause the imbalance to correct itself as there would no longer be any benefit in "loading" one faction over the other as a single member of the faction with reduced members would, theoretically, be able to PvP against entire groups of the faction with more members and win.

This is a very simplified suggestion. I understand feedback control systems and realize that there will have to be a lot of tweaking to the Proportional and Integral gains and probably some type of output tracking (anti-wind up).

Given proper tweaking, this would induce the system of players to balance itself.

I would go further into the idea with specifics, but I would like to hear what the community / developers have to say about the general idea before introducing more logic.