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Thread: Will Trion debut Prestige Rank 9 in Patch 1.5?

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    Default Will Trion debut Prestige Rank 9 in Patch 1.5?

    (long post, sorry if it's been covered already)

    Does anyone know if there is going to be another bump in pvp gear level when the big 1.5 mega patch hits since it has a whole zone dedicated to open world pvp, unless I am mistaken.

    I wonder if that means there will be another prestige rank added even though they just added rank 7 and 8.

    It would seem too soon to me because I'm only Rank 4 now since I started this game late and only started pvp recently. So I can only imagine how far "behind" new players to the game or people who obstained from pvp would feel even more reluctant to participate because of the gear gap.

    Or maybe there are tons of players who will reach rank 8 by then and want a new rank?

    A lot of pvp players are disappointed that rank 7 and 8 are just recycling the same models as the previous rank which were already the same models as pve gear. They feel that pvp gear deserves more attention and should have more time and effort invested into it.

    Now I'm curious as to whether Trion is going to make a rank 9 with spectacular models to make up for rank 7/8 and then launch it with 1.5. Or maybe they are just going to add those new awesome weapons they said were on the way and leave it at that.

    Personally I would like to see them not add a new tier so quickly and make new kick booty models for rank 7 and 8, alongside new killer weapons, and finally even some pvp costumes (just like regular costumes but just look more gladiatorial themed!)

    Finally, in my dream world more people would be geared in R6-8 when 1.5 launches and there will be large scale super fun battles in that new zone where everyone can have loads of fun, with interactive elements (catapults, siege vehicles?) and perhaps offer new achievements, titles, costumes for pvp related feats (Reach 2500 player kills on Ember Isle, Earn 100 kills with a Critting Blow, etc). So instead of people just farming endlessly in trying to reach the latest prestige rank gear, people will be more or less geared similarly and instead fight for fun, achievements, and other goodies.

    My observations about Trion are that they do listen to player feedback and churn out content very quickly. And partially for those reasons, they rarely retroactively "fix" things and just alter things on a moving forward basis. eg. Murdantix Mount only dropped from invasion rifts/footholds to the Mossy Tartagon which you are guaranteed if you work at it.

    I think it is more than likely they will just release new gear with unique models rather than update R 7/8.

    So to sum it up, what's going on for 1.5? New prestige rank with awesome gear models or just update r 7/8? Leave the prestige rank as it is and boost favor gains so more people will gear faster, or bump the cap again because there will be lots of people in full R8 when 1.5 arrives?

    Share your thoughts please

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    No clue but I would guess p9 is a ways off yet.

    Rank 8 came out only to keep the pvp gear up to date with the raid gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thechubs View Post
    No clue but I would guess p9 is a ways off yet.

    Rank 8 came out only to keep the pvp gear up to date with the raid gear.
    Trion had a very interesting approach when they released Rift. They had several patches of content well underway before they even went live. Something tells me Hammerknell was the last piece of that content, so I'd suspect we won't see anything new in terms of PVE content for a bit. Given that PVE and PVP gear tend to not go out of sync (to prevent players from feeling they have to PVE to PVP, or vice-versa), I believe P9 will be some time out.

    This is purely a hunch, but I think Trion is actively working on developing the next content patch and that will be some time out (2-3 months, I believe).

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