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Thread: Is it alot of new players?

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    Default Is it alot of new players?

    I dont know whats going on lvl 50's everywhere that seem brand new to the game asking questions to stuff they should know ( like a bunch of ppl buying lvl 50's or something) and the warfronts are even worse with no cohesiveness at all. People running amok free for all killing like in wow. They ignore all communications with tactics ( in port) They run around all over the place to get picked off. We always had issues with the guardians. But the last 2 days is down right embarrassing. Get tempted to line em all up and 3 stooge slap the lot lol ( wish i could)

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    Ive noticed that as well. A lot of brand new 50s not know what is what and who is where.
    If i were a quitter, id probably leave the wf right then and there. But i deal with the idiocy.

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