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The only number I've seen that I can take to the bank is 240 hours, but I digress. While I can't fault your reasoning on a logical level, the fact that you see three full time work weeks of a chore before the game gets rewarding again on its own as no problem at all tells me that we have very little common ground.
I came up with my number by calculating the cost if you had bought the rank 1/2 gear and then skipping the 3/4 and then buying the 5/6. I didn't buy weapons because the PvE weapons are hands down better then the rank 6 weapons, and are more easily obtained. This requires about 867,000 favor for players to buy their armor. If I can average about 7000 an hour it will take me about 122 hours of PvPing to get the required gear.

Now we can agree to disagree on the time it takes to get rank 6, you are unhappy with 3 work weeks. But keep in mind there were rank 6 players within the first month of launch before the first billing cycle started in this game.

In warhammer it took 3 months for first player to get rank 80.
In WoW the first high warlords/high marshalls took about 2 months of continuous top scoring PvP to get those ranks.
DAOC took how long to get rank 11?
Rifts is by far the easiest game to rank up that I've played so far.