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Thread: I have absolute faith Lost Hope is going to be fixed

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    God I HOPE this isn't working as intended. It's kinda like if some guy you meet is acting all crazy, you HOPE he's on drugs, cause if he's not.... well... he must just be frickin nuts.

    This skill being used at vault or whatever is absolutely ridiculous, and can't possibly be in the spirit of the game mechanics. That being said, these are the same developers that almost completely revamped (terribly) PVP and crit damage so dramatically that you'd think the game was in Alpha. Only they did it 4 months into a live game where people had already spent months acquiring gear and honing skills that would've become completely irrelevent had the changes gone through. That whole thing still makes me nervous about investing energy and time into a game where it seems like the developers just throw sh*t against a wall and hope some of it sticks.

    After that debacle, I wouldn't put this past 'em.

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    Of course it will be fixed, only question is when. And like 99,9% real pvper I also have serious problems understand why Trion hasnt fixed it yet. Only reason I can figure is that they are trying some tricky fix so they don't need to reroll whole flagging/immunity change but its failing so far. Until it is fixed, they should simply remove Lost Hope in WFs, just like they do to other broken skills that trivialize game.

    ps. And to all exploiters using this. Keep telling yourself its intented and smart use of mechanics. Thats what all exploiters do. Some even believe themselves. Just don't embarrass yourself by telling it to us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charliekelly View Post
    1.3 patch notes, i hope youre right about the color.

    * Interacting with objects in Warfronts (the Fang of Regulos, Sourcestone, Flags from the Codex) will now be interrupted when a hostile action is taken against a player under the effects of an Absorption shield, Damage Immunity, guarunteed Avoidance, or is under immunity to an effect due to diminishing returns. Hostile actions include damaging abilities, auto-attacks, stuns, interrupts, fears, mesmerize, and knockbacks. For Damage over Time effects, only the first tick will trigger an interruption on an object interaction.
    You can read a lot of things out of that, but lets look back at the issue before those changes:

    A Purifier could shield a person, and they do have a lot of shields by the way, and then that person with all the shields would not be interrupted by any damage when trying yo pick up the fang in Black Garden for instance.

    How do we fix this issue? "I have an idea", said someone from Trion Worlds. "How about we do so people can get interrupted through immunities and other damage preventing abilities?", he continue. The others at the table were thrilled, 'cause they had found a solution to the issue at hand. However, they did not think it through to the end, and they so missed that the new mechanism allows Rogues to chain-break players from interacting with strategic points in WFs, while at range and in stealth.

    I see nowhere in that patch note which determents that they had direct intentions of making Rogues now able to chain-break targets with the use of Lost Hope. You're taking an universal change and using it as argument to something specific. ARGUMENT INVALID.

    Lets say you have a statement saying "all swans are white", but then people stumble upon a black swan and they start to question the previous statement of all swans being white, and therefore they want the statement changed. But some people like yourself are not ready to accept this, and thous they use the statement to argue that the black swan has to be white, because all swans are white.

    Statement = Quoted patch notes
    Black swan = Lost Hope

    Lost Hope is the black swan, because it works different from other CC's, which is why this thread is about Lost Hope, and not all abilities affected by the patch.

    Sunrun has already posted a well spoken reason for why people ignore simple fact.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sunrun View Post
    Naw, that's just a few of you that are outspoken rationalizing it to be ok to exploit until it gets fixed.
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    So... you have absolute faith?

    *casts lost hope"

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