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Thread: EXP From Warfronts = Nobody Cares to Win?

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    Default EXP From Warfronts = Nobody Cares to Win?

    Initially, I was thrilled, as a primary PvEer who semi-seriously PvPs as well, to find that I could actually level using Warfronts. It makes for a great break from questing or rifting.

    Now, I'm not at 50 yet on my main (45 on my main right now, got a few lower alts I PvP with as well), having only started a month or so ago. The problem I'm finding, however, is that there's a sizable segment of people don't want to win. Or, more accurately, they simply don't care to win or lose, they just want the match to end to get their favor and EXP.

    I love that I can get EXP from Warfronts, but it's genuinely frustrating to be stuffed onto teams that don't care to put in the effort to win (especially on the Guardian side, where our cluster is awful for PvP!), they'd be just content letting the opposing team, say, steal the Shard, and then just go at it with people till the timer wears down.

    I've come across warfronts with players openly and ADMITTING to *actively sabotaging* things to end it earlier, because "quicker is better for favor and xp" and that "favor points is the goal and exp". Honestly, it's a little cheeky to join a team in a competitive game and have no intention of directly helping them win (outside of forming an entire raid of like-minded people in agreement and queuing as a whole warfront), like joining a baseball team and not playing to win, just collecting a paycheck.

    I can only assume and hope that at L50 PvP is taken more seriously without the EXP carrot, and would love confirmation of that.

    Till then, maybe Trion could buff the winner's exp and favor to the degree that a long, hard-fought win would be worth significantly more than throwing a few games in a row in the same rough timeframe? Make it desirable by making wins genuinely and significantly better favor/EXP per hour? I hate to ask for them to nerf the crap out of the EXP portion, because I love the concept on paper, but it really seems like that's the only option to make people play to win, not to drag down the team while they cash in.

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    People are ****s. And they like easy things. Guy who 'sabotages' the game doesn't care if the winning reward is boosted a bit. Can't expect Trion to do anything about this.

    Just keep truckin along man. At 50, you will meet a whole new breed of players and teams who after dying in the first 10 seconds of Black Garden, will just sit up on the hill convinced that they will lose. There are definitely some good games to be had though.

    It's sad but for some people, anything before Rank 6 is just a hassle or formality to get to rank 6, at which time they will actually start trying because now it's 'fair'. Ignore them, get good with your class.

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    If jumping down the BG , fight like mad for 15~60sec only result in one kill (let just don't care of death) aka 40 favor, no one is going to do it especially when they still lose anyway.
    High effort , low reward result in NO ACTION.
    That why ppl give up.
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    I think it's probably more that some matchups are just unwinnable and some people just call it like they see it and don't see any point in drawing it out. Sometimes there just isn't a way to win, like when you're 2 to 0 in whitefall steppes against ten clerics and two tanks with 3 minutes remaining.

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    I would like to see clear incentives to win matches, but it's pretty obvious the general populace doesn't like earning things.

    Instead of working as a team, and winning the match, everyone goes solo mode, and only cares about what they are doing, so they can get curbstomped, and call for nerfs on the forums. Why? Because you get a pretty good consolation prize for losing.

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