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Thread: Skill value system

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    Default Skill value system

    I propose this change to the warfront queuing system:

    Make everyone carry a "skill value" that is affected by gear,wins vs losses, time alive vs time dead, deaths by people with different "skill values" and kills of people with different "skill values".

    Matchmake people using this "skill value" so that its close to or the same before admitting them/their groups to the warfront.

    Maybe it will help with the queue times of premades while preventing pugs from getting into a warfront that they will surely lose.

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    Fighting an opponent with same skill bracket as me means little chance of me improving my abilities sure it might make for balanced matches but I learn little to nothing,

    Fighting a superior geared/ranked/skilled opponent I have to up the ante, I improve my own skills (hopefully)
    Sure Im likely to kiss dirt more often but id rather a challange.

    So personally I believe this is a bad idea though that is just my opinion
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