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Thread: World PvP Suggestions

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    Default World PvP Suggestions

    Since Trion seems to be having difficulty coming up with ways to promote World PvP without forcing PvE into it, here's a couple of ideas.

    1: Sourcestone Cave: Since we have to run around collecting stuff, how about sticking a big labyrinthine cave in a hillside and puting sourcestone in it to collect. Point us there and tell us to go fight over it. Just say a recent landslide or something uncovered it and claim some magic ward prevents any who aren't ascended from entering, and for the love of god no Mobs.

    2: Uncovered Ruins: Give us some defensible ruins that we can capture, let us get reputation or something for guarding it while our faction has control of it, and give us a daily to go get it. Just say "Go get it boy, go get the fort". Surly Shimmersand is big enough for that sort of thing.

    3: That Wardstone's Important!: Give us Wardstones that actually matter, that get fortified with guards by the teams that cap them and offer more zone triggers or something besides some stupid wardstone quest that we'll only do once. I can't believe you guys are surprised that wardstones failed to initiate more PvP, we have to waste planar charges on them and for what? We get nothing out of it but PvE quests. So give us some level 50 wardstones that don't automatically reset that we can actually get something out of, and we'll take them, and we'll fight over them.

    4: Stop answering PvP needs with PvE: Radical Idea, I know, but more PvE isn't the answer to everything. If people want more PvP, maybe consider options besides "Hey lets make them kill monsters, hey let's add more mobs".

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    Yes PLZ! I almost uninstalled the game when logged in to see these quests.
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    i know this would never happen but what would really be nice is get rid of all warfronts but kept the prestige/gear but make it so that you would have to world pvp for the gear....

    again this wont happen since they already launched with WFs LMAO...

    a man can dream...
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