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Thread: Scion in shambles

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    Default Scion in shambles

    What scion has become since the last patch needs to be addressed. There is nothing PvP left to this map now. All it is is a race to the idols and end bosses. There is no skill in zerging a pve object and nothing pvp about it.

    The idols and bosses have been made way to easy to take down. ( I can solo an idol in less than 3 min). Let alone that the flux cap can be attacked from the courtyard without attracting the guards.This has made them the only viable target to win as running shards takes time.

    This is definitely not conductive to pvp. With so little pvp left why screw up a map that used to be fun and took skill and thought to win

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    The best thing about the changes to Scion is that it now forces both teams to work together more and make decisions about where to concentrate forces. It's no longer about just controlling the church and bridge and slaughtering all the morons stupid enough to repeatedly try and force their way through the choke point at the bridge. Now one team can say, screw the bridge/church, let's take out their idols for points and reduce the points they get for stones while we're at it. If this happens the team in control of church/bridge will either have to do something about it or risk getting screwed. And if they make it to your boss, then go defend him, force them to fight on two fronts and if they lose key players they wipe and the boss resets and it's decision time again.

    If you're in a Scion where both sides just ignore each other, that's a shame because whoever you're playing with is missing the whole point of having the PvE objectives. They're something to focus on to force confrontation between players. Not to mention going straight PvE is stupid because you get less favor.

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