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Thread: Not heals

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    Default Not heals

    I give a thumbs up to all the posts about healing is the only way to victory funny stuff.

    I don't think I've ever been in a losing BF when the healers weren't blamed, and Bahralt forbid there is a DPS cleric!!!

    The relatiy is this.

    You win by:
    1 Completing the goals.
    2 Making people dead.

    Healing helps to offset #2. I see why healing is the easy blame, but it doesn't make it so.

    OMG these people are NOT dying, what do I do?

    1 Have you considered assisting on a high burst DPS class like a Pyro or Marksman?

    2 Have you thought about putting some points in PvP soul, you aren't making people dead when your dead

    3 Do you know what do on the map? Let's say it's capture the flag, are you fighting pointless fights in the middle? Are you running the crystals in PS? Escorting those that are?

    4 Do you wait to use your CC until the heal is casting a heal, or just spam it on them making them when you see them and they aren't doing anything? This will make the next needed CC less effective.

    5 Are you geared up? If your rank2 and your looking at a rank6 pre-made.... it's not the healing that's the problem.

    6 Have you reworked your spec to things that are proven effective rather than things you THINK are effect? Do you switch souls if the other side is (insert class here) heavy?

    I've won matches with 0 heals, lost many with 3-6 healers. It's not about healing as much as you being smart enough to understand what to do.

    Good luck on the battle field
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    The key to victory isn't how many healers either team has, it's whether either side has people who actually know how to fight healers. There is a very obvious flaw in the healer's arsenal, I'm sure it's there for a reason...some people know how to exploit this flaw while most don't.

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