What they should implement is having pvp seperate from pve. As in......

Gear should not matter and its all about skill. You can ofc get differrent and nicer gear as u play more and work towards a goal such as trying to win a certain amount of matches in order to get to a better map or the finals for a chest or something (that is for trion to decide).
But stats should be equal. Those that are good will be easily recognized by the gear that is only obtainable by winning and having consecutive wins/achievements, so when you see this player you KNOW he is good and its not cuz he out gears you can you can STILL fight him. Just an idea that I think the true pvpers would like and have less noobs complained about gettin owned because of gear

That being said i know how many people will prolly qq and disagree with what i said because they are pixel hungry and its all about gear out gearing someone else's to them rather then having more skill