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Thread: Unbalanced Warfronts!?

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    Default Unbalanced Warfronts!?

    I'm really getting tried of playing rouges and mages against clerics and mages. almost every Black garden i play tends to have the opposite team composed of 4 to 6 clerics and a couple dps groups .. It is impossible to win that type a match and not even worth trying. I think It would be wise to figure out a way to balance the classes when placed in a match and still keep a decent que time. i m sure others agree that:
    5 clerics
    3 mages
    1 warrior
    1 rouge
    4 rouges
    2 warriors
    1 cleric
    3 mages
    is a little unbalanced .. and yet time and time these are the type of war fronts I see.

    This seems something that can be done .. though i know you cant control the type of classes that people wanna play but maybe opening the war groups a little bigger and have the Que generator have a filter when X amount of a class is reached
    a little suggestion/ideal to the Dev's .... Thanks

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    devs cant chose wich class players will use - you can chose your.
    so start by rerolling cleric if you think that they are so usefull, your chart will show one more cleric on your side.
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    No such things as unbalanced warfronts and it's absolutely impossible for Devs to do anything to divide the player roles more evenly amiright?

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    At first I read the topic and was thinking....I've not seen this in my PVP. But I was thinking where one side wins more then the other like some/most WoW battlegroups. But this is more of a group makeup issue then side. I'll grant you the side with more healers in Black Garden is more likely to win then not. Just due to they can keep the shard/flag longer. I know in most of my groups when I go in on my dps and we don't have a healer I go "ah crud". Specially if the other side has a healer or two. You can still win those matches but the difficulty level goes up greatly. I'm still in the under 40 brackets so not seen the issue you describe much. Are these pre-mades you are playing against? Or just the random draw you seem to keep getting.

    Also - don't most of the classes have at least one healer spec? I know that was one of the draws of the game some of my friends kept telling me in order to get me to try the game. I'm still new to the game and only have 2 mages and a cleric so far. But even one of my mages has a heal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerus View Post
    No such things as unbalanced warfronts

    and it's absolutely impossible for Devs to do anything to divide the player roles more evenly amiright?
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    It's just a matter of adapting to the situation, I'm playing an alt in the 30-39 WFs with my other half, her bard regularly tops the heal parse with my chloro second. If you join a warfront and have no healers, change spec, that's one of the unique things about Rift being able to use ALL of the souls and switch out when you need to.

    Personally I have a nuke spec, a heal spec and I'm working on a dominator heavy build too.

    Any class can switch to a heal spec or at least a survivability spec, same with DPS... that is unless you're one of the dumbass offensive clerics on my shard, 30k dps and 6k healing for a whole Codex offends me and that's about it.

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    OP - yeah, this can be frustrating.

    Not a troll- the best practical advice I can give on what to do about this is to go in with your own group.

    This way you can actively work to have both competent people and complementary roles filled.

    As an added bonus, creating or a joining a pvp focused guild will allow you develop and maintain a pool of like-minded people to fight with.

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