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Thread: Another look at Battle Groups, and possible solutions

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    Default Another look at Battle Groups, and possible solutions

    I strongly believe that Trion needs to take a serious look at how the battle groups have matured since the game has been out. I'm currently on Corthana, which encompasses players from Wolfsbane as well as Regulous. I can firmly say that our battle group is EXTREMELY Guardian swayed. For the last 7 days I have done nothing but PVP, at all different times of the day. Regardless of the time, over the course of the last week I have won exactly 11 matches in well over 100 played for the week.

    -I encourage Trion to take a look at the stats of win/losses of the WF's and make a determination to even out the playing field. This could come as way of a patch or however their little programming hearts desire.
    -Another possible solution would be to divide the WF's into different ranks. IE people with no rank, rank 1, rank 2 all pvp in the same WF's, while people with rank 3 or 4 and up all pvp in another set of WFs. This would also even out the playing field, and pin higher ranking people up against more challenging competition. This system would be exactly like the looking for group tool that they initiated. Instead of a Tier 1, it would be rank 0-3 and T2 would be rank 4-6. This could be based upon the amount of valor on your gear. A simple programing change from the already in place looking for group.

    Just to address all the trolls and flame about I'm about get from "QQ-ing," ... I want to say that yes I AM complaining, but also offering two very viable solutions. I pay money for this game as everyone does, and this an aspect of the game that needs to be addressed. There isn't a massive amount of end game content, and by having a large section of it (pvp) essentially swayed one way, it's ruining a paid gaming experience.

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    If they merged all servers together for warfronts there wouldn't really be a proper statistic for win/loss in regards to factions.

    If they make it premades vs premades they need to do this. They would also need to do it if they separated the ranks for level 50 as well.

    Personally I would prefer to have all servers merged together. We'd have full teams, more variety in matches and different people and not the same old players.

    This is PuG's I am referring to above.

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