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Thread: Let's Give All Rank 6 Abilities 2 Minute Cooldowns

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    Default Let's Give All Rank 6 Abilities 2 Minute Cooldowns

    Currently all classes 21-point (rank 6) abilities in their PvP trees have at least one ability that has a 5-minute cooldown (except Clerc - of course). PvP is essentially balanced around 2-minute CDs, so these longer 3-5 minute CDs dont integrate well with teamwork or with our other souls.

    Archmage, Infiltrator and Vindicator all have 3-5 min CD abilities. None of them would be overpowered with a 2 minute cooldown.


    Mana Shield 3 minute CD
    Causes 50% of received by the mage to burn their mana instead. This is a damage reduction but has a penalty associated with it. Not as powerful as other mage damage reductions with no penalty. Should be 2 minutes.

    Immovable Object 5 minute CD
    Reflects all CC effects for 10 seconds and consumes Charge. This is pretty nice, but would not be at all overpowered on a 2 minute CD. At most it could use a small duration reduction.

    Rogue - Infiltrator

    Ambush 5 minute CD
    Summons 3 allies to assist the Rogue for 30 seconds. This is (at best) a gimmicky ability. The allies are not particularly powerful. Reducing them to 15 seconds for a 2 minute CD would be a fair trade. Still most rogues would probably not get it.

    Step Into the Shadows 3 minute CD
    Works exactly like Slip Away but adds a small teleport. Slip Away has a 2 minute CD. I'm sure this could too.

    Ignore Pain 5 minute CD
    Reduces incoming damage and increases incoming healing by 50% for 15 seconds. This defensive ability has a prohibitively long cooldown that makes it something of a waste of a point. Reducing it 2 minutes for a 10 second duration would be a fair adjustment.

    Warrior - Vindicator

    Unstoppable Force 5 minute CD
    Warrior breaks and becomes to all snares/roots for 10 seconds. This is essentially a second (and more limited) break free. No reason it can't be 2 minutes.

    It appears these abilities really haven't had a look since launch (understandable) but as more people get Rank 6, they'll want to be able to use Rank 6 abilities. There are a lot of tweaks needed in the PvP trees, but standardizing cooldowns is one of the simplest and easiest things to do.
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